Colette is an award winning film sound professional who truly believes sound is an art form and a powerful tool in story telling.

Whether she is collaborating on an independent or high budget feature, a documentary or a short film, live action or animation project, Colette strives for quality.
Ultimately, her goal is to bring the director’s vision to life, to create an articulate and expressive soundtrack that suits the style of his/ her picture.

Her work experience in film sound spans 16 years in 3 different countries (France, England, USA).
She is always adapting to different environments, new technologies and changing film industry standards.


Colette has a wide experience in all fields of Film and TV sound post production.  Her skills include:

- sound supervision from the writing stage to the final mix
- spotting, recording and editing ADR and Foley
- dialogue editing/ production sound cleaning
- sound design
- mixing dialogue, sound effects, and music
- mixing foreign versions
- mixing in 7.1, Atmos, home theatre and IMAX formats
- Dolby print mastering

She is freelance, based in Silverlake, Los Angeles, and works worldwide.
She fluently speaks French, as well as a little Italian, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin.
She is a member of the local 700 Motion Picture Editors Guild, the Cinema Audio Society, TV Academy, and BAFTA.

Contact: colettedahanne@me.com/ 323-895-3052